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Academic Achievement Policy

Students reach their full academic potential at Nathan Hale High School by proficiently completing all course work assigned in each class.
  • Students and parents share the responsibility of working with school staff to ensure all course work is completed.
  • Teachers will notify students who are missing course work.
  • Freshmen will keep a daily record of assignments/homework for each class in their school-issued assignment notebook.
  • Students are expected to be actively engaged in all class learning activities (e.g. no sleeping in class, letter writing, off-task behavior, etc.).
  • In addition to using the school-wide computer program to record grades, teachers may develop a method of recording all course work (e.g. assignment notebook, three-ring binder of assignments, etc.) so students can retrieve information regarding missing course work.  It is the responsibility of the student to know how to retrieve missing work in each class.
  • Teachers will provide students with eight grade reports a year, including progress reports, quarter grades, and semester grades.
  • Parents should attend Open House to familiarize themselves with the teachers and the expectations of the classes.  Moreover, parents are expected to read each newsletter to keep track of important information and to attend parent-teacher conferences to receive report cards and to be notified of their child’s progress.
  • Teachers and counselors will refer to the Academic Director those students who do not complete all course work because of difficulty understanding the material or task.
  • Students who fail to participate in the improvement services because of poor behavioral choices will face consequences, such as Weekend School, detentions, etc.
  • Students will be able to hand in late course work for the quarter for credit determined by the teacher.  If a student hands in poor quality work or work that does not meet the criteria of the assignment, the teacher may require the student to re-submit the assignment until it meets basic standards.
  • If a student is not completing assignments in a class and the coach is made aware of the situation, the student is not eligible to compete or perform in sports or extra-curricular activities until all course work is completed.